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A History of Georgia from its First Discovery by Europeans to the Adoption of the Present Constitution in MDCCXCVIII.
By William Bacon Stevens, MD, DD 1859

The Spanish Missions of Georgia
by John Tate Lanning

The Marshes of Glynn
By Sidney Lanier

St. Catherines
An Island in Time

by David Hurst Thomas, 1988

War of the Rebellion
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Giant Days or The Life and Times of William H. Crawford
J.E.D. Shipp, A.B.

Georgia Land Surveying History and Law
Farris W. Cadle

Eneas Africanus
Harry Stillwell Edwards

The Lost Legacy of Georgia's Golden Isles
by Betsy Fancher

Ebenezer Record Book

The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann
Joel Chandler Harris

The Architecture of Georgia
Frederick D. Nichols & Van Jones Martin

The People of Georgia
An Illustrated History.

The Mysterious Father
William Bulloch Maxwell

Catalogue of the Wymberly Jones De Renne Georgia Library
Wormsloe, 1931, 3 vol.

The History of the State ofGeorgia
from 1850-1881, I.W. Avery

James Johnston
Georgia's First Pioneer

Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants . .
Edited by Samuel Urlsperger

A True and Historical Narrative . .
by Pat. Tailfer and Others

Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants
edited by Samuel Urlsperger, Volume III, 1733-34

Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants
edited by Samuel Urlsperger, Volume III, 1736

The Journal of the Earl of Egmont
UGA Press, 1962

The Early Architecture of Georgia
Frederick Doveton Nichols

The Journal of William Stephens 1743-1745
edited by E. Merton Coulter

Portraits of Conflict
Anne J. Bailey & Walter J. Fraser, Jr.

Menaboni's Birds
by Athos and Sara Menaboni

Mr. T. Butler King of Georgia
Remarks on Steam Mail Packet Service

Antiquities of the Southern Indians
particularly of the Georgia tribes

Morningstars of Liberty
The Revolutionary War in Georgia 1775-1783

Southward Ho!
A Tour through Georgia

The Spanish Missions of Georgia
by John Tate Lanning

Georgia's Disputed Ruins
first (limited) edition, UNC Press, 1937

Hidden Heritage
catalogue, High Museum of Art, 1990

Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Ge
Miss Martha Lou Houston, 1928

Report of a Geological and Agricultural Survey,
of Burke and Richmond Counties, Georgia.

The Children of Pride
by Robert Manson Myers

Gone With the Wind.
May, 1936, first printing

Life on a Liberty County Plantation
Hinesville, Ga. 1983

Guale The Sacred Landscape
James Valentine

Landmark Homes of Georgia
Martin & Mitchell, l982

The Homes of the New World
Frederika Bremer, l853

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