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Maps: Hemispheres & Continents: 18th Century or earlier

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Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septrionale ac Regiones Adiocentes a C. de May ufque ad alineum Aequinoctialem.
Per Nicolaum Visscher, c.1680

Moderna Disccrizzione Dell Europa
Upside down map of Europe, c. 1550

A New and Exact Map of Asia . .
E. Bowen, 1748

A New and Accurate Chart of the West Indies
with the Adjacent Coasts of North and South America.

A New and Accurate Chart of the Western Atlantic Ocean
E. Bowen, 1748

Amerique Septrionale.
Sanson, 1699, California as Island.

Sanson, 1699

by N. Sanson, d'Abbeville Geographe Ordinai du Roy.

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