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Plan of Charleston Bar on an enlarged scale
wood engraving, c.1893

Savannah & Charleston
J.H. Colton, 1856

Beaufort District, South Carolina
Reproduction of Mills Atlas, 1825

Preliminary Chart of Beaufort River
lithograph, 1864

Carte de la Caroline et Georgie.
Copper engraving by Bellin, 1757

Improved Portion of Wappoo Cut, S.C.
Surveyed 1894

Preliminary Chart of North Edisto River
Survey of the Coast, 1856

The Theatre of General Grant's Operations, Showing the Country Between Chattanooga and Charleston.
wood engraving, 1863

Savage, 1855

SC & Ga, l894, Plate CXLVIII
Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies

Sketch of the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill
near Camden, 1781

Colton's South Carolina, 1855
& inset of Charleston vicinity and harbor

North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
Bradford, 1835

Great Southern Expedition
Map of the Entrance of Savannah River

Sketch showing positions of Boyd's Neck, . . .
lithograph, 1866

Coast of S. Carolina
wood engraving, l876

D. Carolina nebst sinem Theil von Florida
Homann Heirs, c. l737

The City of Savannah The City of Charleston
Colton, c. l857

South Carolina
wood engraving, 1855

A Plan of Port Royal Harbour . . .
Moll, c. l732

The City of Charleston, South Carolina
J.H. Colton, c. l855

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